I can inform you about every box gala, professional rank list competition, television broadcasting and you can find all the data and details of my box matches for years back, too.

14.02.2010.The third win was done!

Szili István won his third professional fight at the boxing gala organized at Klingentalturnhalle located in Basel. His opponent was the Polish Mariusz Biskupski who made István's February 13 evening duly unlucky by his unfair style.

31.01.2010.Szili István is preparing for his third professional fight

The former 75 kg prominence of the amateur national team, Szili István from Kőszeg is preparing for his third professional fight which is to be organized in Switzerland on February 13.

11.01.2010.Pictures and videos of me

If you, my dear sports-mates, have any shots of me, please send it to my mail or!

05.01.2010.I started preparation

Based on the yesterday information I am to fight against a Polish opponent on February 13.

26.12.2009.Szili István won his second professional fight

Szili István sponsored by Boxing Kings Bern has got his second victory in front of two thousand boxing fans in the ring erected in the exclusive Kursaal Casino in Bern. The sportsman domiciled at Kőszeg defeted the 21-year-old Belorussian Aliaksandr Sushchytst (1-1-1) confidently by whopping...

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